London Olympics Ministry 2012, Day Two, Friday


Today was a very long day for our group, but everyone has arrived safely. There were a few issues passing through customs, but everyone made it into England and found the group.

The first coach bus made it to Belsey Bridge and Conference Centre around 2:00 PM. The group was greeted by Stefanie Cannon and the Belsey Bridge staff. The second coach bus arrived around 4:30 PM. Everyone was weary but thrilled to arrive and see the beauty of the conference center.

Of course, in a group this size, someone had their luggage lost. Earl Cooper’s luggage was not sent to Heathrow. Upon arrival at Belsey Bridge everyone was meeting new friends in Christ. Earl was speaking to Christopher Lall about his lost luggage. Christopher suggested, “Let’s pray about it now.” Within ten minutes a staff member from Belsey found Earl to tell him the airlines had phoned and they had his luggage. If God is in the details of lost luggage, we cannot wait to see what He has in store for us on the streets of London!

Rachel Adolph was a huge help to Dr. Crandall at JFK helping locate all our group members.

Dr. Crandall and Olympic ministry veteran Paul Phipps upon meeting our bus driver in London, Heathrow

Evie Olson and Beverly Frowner became friends while ministering together during the Vancouver Olympics ministry and were excited to meet up again for another Olympics ministry.

Avery Foley excited to be in London!

The first coach bus to arrive at Belsey Bridge and Conference Centre


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