God Is Using Spanish AiG Materials in Columbia!


I love to have our supporters share the blessings of how the Lord is using AiG resources to reach people around the world. Read this exciting email received this week:

Ken, I was at the Apologetics Mega Conference in July and bought the 6-DVD Creation Mini Series (in Spanish) and your book The Lie: Evolution (also in Spanish).  Two weeks ago, I brought them with me on a mission trip to Colombia and gave them to some Colombian believers who lead a church youth group.  I emailed them and asked if they had a chance to watch/read any of the material and here was their response (translated):

“I tell you, I found the material to be amazing!  I was teaching a lesson about the Fall of Man, and the students kept asking questions about Adam being a real person, and does the entire population really come from just Adam and Eve.  I didn't really know how to respond. Then I met you and you gave me the AiG DVD about Race.  Now I'm preparing another lesson using the video to better answer their questions and to show them we really do come from One Race!  I'm so glad I watched it . . . it has a really good biblical foundation and the scientific analysis is great.  I have learned so much . . . thanks again for the big help!  I'm going to see if we can start a Bible study on Origins for our staff devotions.  This can help us better understand the message of salvation.  Thanks again, and God Bless!”

I thought you'd be blessed to hear how the Lord is using AiG to impact students and spread His Word in remote parts of Colombia!

Thank you, Lord, for using Answers in Genesis to reach people with this vital message of the truth of Your Word!


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