Internationally Trained!


We are excited to have the opportunity next month to train several more Christian leaders in creation apologetics. Our fourth annual International Training Seminar (ITS) at the Creation Museum begins April 2, and the intensive instruction will take place over eight packed days.

This year’s class includes leaders flying in from:

  • Bolivia
  • Brazil (2 people)
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Kuwait
  • Russia (2)
  • USA (from the Slavic Gospel Association)
This strategic group’s week-long study will include six hours of training with AiG President Ken Ham, plus many lectures from our AiG speakers and researchers. As a part of their instruction, participants will take an intensive tour of the exhibits of the Creation Museum and see a planetarium program, each followed by extra teaching.

These leaders will return to their home countries with a donated library of AiG materials. They will use their training to teach others, make creation/apologetics presentations, and perhaps start creation ministries.

This year’s class brings to 42 the number of international Christian leaders who have been trained by the Answers Worldwide outreach of AiG. Dr. David Crandall, director of Answers Worldwide, stated: “it is always encouraging—and fun—to see the classmates, many of whom are already gifted professionals or evangelists, getting to know each other. Though they come from different cultures, they bond as one class because they share a common Savior and Scripture.”


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