Dr. Crandall in London


An article as told by Grace2London


Dr. David Crandall, AIG–U.S., and Paul Taylor, AIG–UK, met with the Grace2London committee in January. It was a very helpful meeting during which Dr. Crandall shared their experiences of working at other Olympic Games. They hope to be bringing a team of 200 to London in 2012 and want to work alongside us in whatever ways are beneficial. Much of the work will be in personal contact and they are producing relevant literature, in conjunction with us, in 14 different languages. All the costs together with accommodation will be covered by the team members. They do, however, need the help of a doctor and solicitor should there be any medical or legal problems to deal with during their stay. If anyone can help with this please let us know. It is also anticipated that Ken Ham will be speaking at meetings in London during the time of the Olympics.


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