Saying Goodbye


Shakespeare had it right: “parting is such sweet sorrow.” I just walked out of the final meeting here in Jerusalem as Dr. Andrew Snelling brought a stirring challenge to our tour group. Leaving these people is a bit emotional, as we have indeed bonded as a group and made many new friends.

This Sunday began as I preached from Psalm 84 in a large hotel room that overlooked the great city of Jerusalem. People told me how they could now visualize the places that I preached about.

The more I am in Jerusalem, the more I love this place. As we came into the city four nights ago, we played the great hymn “Jerusalem” over the PA system on the bus, and you could feel the anticipation as Christians for the first time saw the Holy City. What a thrill for me to show them the city and the nation of Israel.

Here is what one of our young ladies had to say about this journey:

Wow! Now I understand why, out of all places in the world, God chose this particular place for His people and why He keeps bringing them back here. My mind has been blown away to realize that any given spot in this beautiful country is a tribute to and a reminder of God’s mighty power. And, what a treat to share this incredible learning experience with other creation minded, Bible believing followers of Jesus. Thank you Answers in Genesis.

– Jessica Mulder

Our Tour Members:

Dr. David Crandall - International Director of Answers Worldwide, Tour Leader, Bus Captain Andrew Snelling - Aig Speaker and Geologist Kym Snelling Jim Stiles - Aig Outreach Department, Bus Captain Carolyn Stiles John Samec Andrew Halvorson Danielle Halvorson Lewis Manwarren Barbara Manwarren Brian Waddell Roger Scovil Evelyn Verner Wendy Verner Kathleen Bottemiller Christine Kasper Ronald Gordon Louise Gordon Douglas Parsons Jennifer Parsons Sharon Olivares Misty Stadler Jack Parsons Jessica Parsons Terrance Vlug Penny Vlug Merrill Parsons Janan Moses Wendy Sanctuary Rachel Schmidt James Wilson Brenda Wilson George Ostrum Elaine Ostrum Alan Boone Phyllis Boone Charles Thompson Debra Thompson Jessica Mulder Rhonda Stroud Donald Schmalzried Laura Schmalzried Eldon Helmuth Ethel Helmuth Virginia Nielsen Cherie Wilson David Wilson Robert Caudill Sara Caudill Ben Williams Lola Williams David Waldie Jesse Turturice Brenda Turturice Charles Bauer Viola Bauer Larry Elger Retha Elger James Wright Yolanda Wright David Sproles Neena Sproles Daniel Saunders Nicole Saunders Henry Schooling Betty Schooling Roger Sanders Judith Sanders Donna Rider Jon Beams Chadwick Thornton Justin Stokes Royce Janssen Beverly Janssen Walter Jackson Christopher Jackson David Spaeth Carol Spaeth Pamela Jackson Linda Ringo Patricia Mclaughlin Amy Bates Barbara Motsinger Thomas Motsinger Raymond Robins Cindy Robins Leslie Wilson Beverley Wilson Gregory Lefever Noreen Lefever

Watch for details of our next AiG Holy Land tour and check out the details on the All Asian Creation Conference.


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