The Dead Sea and All That Salt


Every time I come to Israel, I am reminded of the amazing story of Eli Cohn, who was probably the world’s greatest spy. His story is told in the book Our Man in Damascus. This book is thrilling and shocking—a true story of Israel’s most daring spy. It is one of the most fantastic infiltrations of an enemy (Syria) regime in the annals of espionage. It’s a good read if you like history.

Today we left the fish-filled and very much alive Sea of Galilee to travel to the lowest point on planet earth—the Dead Sea. After walking along the Sea of Galilee and having a wonderful sailing experience last night, tonight we swam in the heaviest water on earth. With a salt content of over 30%, there is no way you can’t float. Our people really loved this great experience.

We began our daily exploration of Israel at the southern end of the sea and the outlet that becomes the Jordon River. At this point, we paused happily with a pastor from Texas who baptized recent converts in the Jordon River. What a great experience for these new believers and this young pastor. All of us clapped with joy as the pastor announced that today was also the 8th anniversary of the first young couple he baptized. We left this site with extreme joy and happiness as we saw folks being obedient to the Word of God.

We then traveled down through the countryside and arrived at Bet Shean. This is one of the most fantastic archeological digs in all of Israel. There are so many standing pillars and well-distinguished streets and markets that it is easy to see how people lived during Old and New Testament times. Most likely, this was a city that Jesus preached in during his three-year ministry. Do a little research on this ancient city, and you will be delighted by what you find.

When the Ethiopian Black Jews first came to Israel, they were located in the Bet Shean areas and helped excavate Bet Shean. Tonight I met a wonderful young man who was an Ethiopian Jew, and he expressed his love for the nation of Israel. He wanted to know why I was here, so I shared with him about Messiah. He asked many questions that clearly indicated that he was interested. I shared with him our creation evangelism information and then I him to log on to the Answers in Genesis website.

Today, believe it or not, it was 125 degrees (Fahrenheit) at the Dead Sea. The last time I experienced such heat was at Ephesus and on the equator in Brazil. The heat was not about to stop our group; we pressed on and had a full day of learning and praising the Lord.

One couple came to me tonight to thank me and AiG for providing such a great experience for them. They indicated that they had come because they trusted AiG to do a great job. Another young lady told me tonight that this tour so far has been the greatest spiritual adventure of her lifetime. Our guide told the group today that this was one of the best-planned tours he had ever led. He loved the fact that we were staying two nights at the Dead Sea.

Dr. Andrew Snelling is doing a terrific job of bringing commentary and lectures as we journey. The effects of the global flood are all through this area of the world. Tomorrow we travel to the Red Sea. In all of my 18 trips to the Holy Land, I have never been there, so I am excited about seeing it and learning from Dr. Snelling.

Hebrew Kindergarten class at Bet Shean—in 125 degree weather!


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