From the Mountains of Montana


I am flying to Kalispell, Montana, today where I will be met by the Pastor from First Baptist Church in Whitefish, Montana. This begins my unusual assignment for AiG ministry. I will ride via horseback 10 miles up the mountains just outside of Glacier Bay National Park. I will minister to a father/son camp (they will likewise ride up the mountain.) Very few get to see the pristine lakes and the mountain-top beauty of this part of our country. What an absolutely perfect place—under the canopy of the starry heavens—to proclaim the Creator God and teach the wonderful truths of creation.

Please pray that my horse and I will become good friends and that we will be able to safely navigate the very narrow passageways that lead to the top of the mountain. On an earlier such retreat, my horse and I took a death-defying plunge down the mountain due to a scare from a bear. That was one of the closest near-death experiences I have ever had. This is black bear and grizzly bear country, and we will need the bears’ Creator to watch over us during this retreat into the mountains. Please pray for a revival on the mountain.


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