Run, Rui, Run


A missionary friend from Portugal called us two years ago to share something about his ministry. In the course of the conversation, he told us about a young man, Rui, who had recently been saved and had developed an intense interest in the book of Genesis. The missionary told how Rui was now reading Answers in Genesis books and then translating them into Portuguese so that he could understand them even better.

When our international division, AiG WorldWide, made contact with Rui, we found that his Portuguese translations were expertly done. Rui is now our lead translator for resources translated into the Portuguese language. It is one of 75-plus languages for which AiG has translated items. After attending our International Training Seminar here at the Creation Museum last year, Rui decided to return to America for further Bible instruction. He will be attending Jackson Hole Bible College in Wyoming, which is led by AiG’s chairman of the board, Pastor Don Landis. We are praying that God will use Rui greatly in His service, as Rui is off and running with the good news that the Bible is true from Genesis to Revelation, especially the gospel message.


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