Surprise in Singapore


Today I finalized my trip to Singapore. I fly to Malaysia tomorrow in search of the perfect site for the upcoming All Asian Creation Conference.  Today I was to visit 7 hotels to check out the rooms and the conference facility.  I knew that it would be a long day and most likely quite tiring and boring.

However, God had some great surprises for me.

Ng Li En, Reservations Executive for Gulliver’s Travel met me at my hotel to begin the full day of hotel hopping.  During the day I often heard Ng use words like “blessings” and “joy” which are not common words to unsaved people.  Well, after I inquired I discovered that this 24 year agent was a born again Christian, out of all the people that could have met me, she was provided by the Lord.

As we talked about the things of the Lord the driver, from another company and unknown to Ng, said “well, I am a Creationist as well.”  Ng and I rejoiced to find out that this long day was going to be spent with three Christian.  Vincent Low, the professional driver is a member of a Baptist church and proved to be very knowledgeable about creation and the things of the Lord.

I bid farewell to these Christian friends and returned to my hotel very tired but rejoicing. I went to the hotel restaurant, which was virtually disserted and was waited on by a young lady from Burma.  I told her about the planned Creation Conference and she began to praise the Lord, her father is an underground pastor in Burma (Myanmar).  Her name is Mercy and she shared with me her families’ ministry and the many times her father has been arrested and harassed by the government. Her family wanted her in Singapore so that she could be free.

What could have easily been a boring, yet necessary, day ended up being blessed and fruitful.

All 3 Christians are going home tonight to get on the Answers in Genesis website and all 3 plan to attend the Creation Conference.  Glory to God!

Dr. David R. Crandall

Christian Driver and Agent


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