On My Way To Asia


Saturday, July 17, at noon I flew out of Scranton-Wilkes Barre Airport to begin a 29 hour trip to the great city of Singapore.  I arrive in Detroit, fly on to Japan and then finally to Singapore.  During the week I will fly on a commuter plane to Malaysia (Tiger Airlines).

The purpose of this trip is to set up our first ever All Asian Creation Conference for the 10/40 missionary window.

I will visit many conference hotels and then meet with our Asian Conference Local Committee.

Our plan is to have a twofold ministry, first the Asian Conference as we bring together for the first time Asian creationist and creation organizations.  Secondly, we will take about 50 Americans that want to visit a mission field and see missions up close and personal, meet Asian Christians from all over Asia, encourage these creationists as they meet together and visit some to the great sites of Asia.

Hopefully, I can get connected in the country and can blog every day with pictures from this historic trip.

Answers in Genesis WorldWide is committed to empower, energize and encourage a Creation Movement all over Asia.

Dr, David R. Crandall

International Director



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