The Olympic Translators

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Early in 2009 an Olympic booklet was written and designed for the Vancouver Olympic Games. This booklet entitled “The Vancouver Gold Rush” was not to be the exclusive domain of the English language. Knowing that people at the Olympics were coming from all over the world, we researched the seven most spoken languages that would be spoken at the Games.

We immediately contacted our global translation teams to translate the booklets into the selected languages.

Our translators include:

  • Spanish: Darrell Clingan
  • Russian: Sergei Golovin, Christian Center for Science and Apologetics
  • Chinese: Dr. Christian Wei
  • Japanese: Michiko Mizumura, Creation Research Japan
  • German: Bettina Hahne-Waldscheck
  • French: Marcel Poirier, Origine Création (Canada)

After several cross-world trips, the translations had been proofed and approved, and then the text was flowed into the booklet format very expertly by AiG’s Diane King.

The English text and the languages were then sent to Canada for printing. We always try to have the booklets printed in our host country.

We printed 200,000 booklets and then shipped 250 copies to each translator. The translators are now using these booklets to do evangelism in their own country during the Olympics. So, as you pray for our 110 AiG Olympic Team Members, please also pray for our seven translators ministering in their own country.

The average gospel tract\booklet is read by seven people; so, if we distribute 200,000 booklets they most likely will be read by 1,400,000 people.


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