Great Encouragement, Equipping, and Application Gained from Discern: Answers for Women 2016

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One of my favorite tasks every year after the women’s conference is reading through the surveys we conducted at the end of the conference. This year it was a huge job since we had nearly 700 women in attendance and nearly half filled out surveys! I am always so humbled and will occasionally shed a tear or two as I see how God is using this conference in the lives and hearts of ladies from diverse age groups and walks of life. I wanted to share just a small snapshot of some of the amazing feedback we received this year.


This was my first Answers for Women conference to attend so I didn’t really have any specific expectations. That said, I was “blown away” by the rich teaching. I am 60 years old and I had really no idea what the younger generations (my adult kids and my grandchildren) are being immersed in in our current culture! It was a much needed wake-up call.
The teaching that is provided really couldn’t be any better. Keep getting the excellent speakers. I really appreciate having men speakers as well this year.
Thank you for being strong in your convictions. It is so refreshing to hear speakers not only hold up the Bible, but also do so unapologetically. [There] was not white washing or watering down here, but there was also no anger. The Bible wasn’t beaten into anyone, we were not made to feel guilted, the Bible was simply and honestly delivered. Thank for not adding to the Truth, but for illuminating it for all of us.
The amount of Scripture was refreshing in a time where preachers apologize for reading too much Scripture.
I have followed the AIG ministries for years and have been to many of the events including all of the Women’s Conferences. Every year I leave this conference even more amazed than the year before. Every year I leave thinking, “It can’t get any better,” and every year it does! Every year the theme has been relevant to current cultural issues even though the theme is chosen the year before. The content is always fresh and pertinent to what we face as women in today’s world. There is no doubt God is leading this conference through Dr. Georgia Purdom and her team. AIG is synonymous with utmost quality and this year’s conference was no exception.
This year’s conference was the best ever . . . in my opinion anyway. I’ve been to 4 of the 5 (didn’t know about it the first year), and while they were all great and informative, this one was phenomenal! Every speaker was interesting, and every aspect of the topic Discern was relevant. Discern was a great topic for my 13-year-old daughter and her 14-year-old friend. This was the first time they attended the conference. They were taking notes from every speaker.


Thank you so much for this amazing growth opportunity! I have learned so much and I will/have grown so much as a child of God, sister, mother, and wife.
Loved that it was about so many of the issues that affect the church, our children, and grandchildren today. So good to hear people stand on godly principles with love but not back down.
I am in the “Millennial” age range, so I experience much of the “New Age” church thinking. This [refreshment] is just what I needed. I was definitely beginning to doubt some of my beliefs. I now feel more confident in the truth. Thank you all!
I have been concerned with “discernment” related issues for over 10 years and was so blessed to finally have the opportunity to attend a conference dealing with these matters. It was immensely encouraging to be in a room with hundreds of Christian women who also were concerned.
This was a great conference! As a college student, I am constantly bombarded with the issues discussed in this conference. I plan on attending next year!
The encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and speak in love about conflicting issues was very good.


Your talks and biblical encouragement have inspired me to not just discern the truth, but defend it and advance God’s kingdom. I want to work even harder to see that my children are fully equipped to do the work God has called us to do.
This has been a wonderful conference. Subject matter is very applicable. I appreciated the passion and intellectual stimulation. As the women’s ministry coordinator in my church, I always lead a ladies retreat. This year we came here. It has been very valuable. Thank for the equipping and encouragement.
My first experience at an AiG conference and now I can’t wait until next year!! Thank you for putting this together and feeling called and led to EQUIP us ladies in helping us to DISCERN!!
I appreciate being able to learn and come away with new knowledge on God’s Word and energized to teach my children and family.


[Church elementary children’s director] I am always passionate for church kids in ways that help equip them (they get “slammed with evolution” when they leave my ministry and go to middle school), and . . . how I choose to organize our teaching and activities is crucial in my mind. These 3 [speakers] helped remind me of the 1) absolute vitality of why we do what we do, 2) how to equip kids in a deeper way, 3) gave me needed info to help me start augmenting and tweaking what we will be doing with our elementary kids going forward.
I came with two co-workers. We are leaving very inspired to start a devotional group for the staff at our school and also begin some Christian-focused programs and groups for the kids at our school. We work at a public school that is very liberal in values and are convicted to be the salt and light in that place.
This conference challenged me to defend my faith at a higher level than ever before by annihilating (yes, I realize that is a strong word) the mindset that I don’t “have what it takes” and clearly recognizing and grasping each opportunity God sets before me regardless of depth because the outcome is in God’s hands anyway. I am only required to proclaim the full truth and clarity of the Gospel with boldness and confidence and humility. Anything less on my part is compromise and failure. Because of AIG and Dr. Purdom’s leadership through this conference, I am even better equipped (and thus more accountable) to carry out my part of His purpose “for such a time as this.” Now it’s up to me to follow through.

I love seeing women not only encouraged and equipped by what they’ve been taught, but as a result, thinking about ways in which they can apply what they’ve learned!

I encourage you to make plans now to attend the 2017 Answers for Women conference, Defend: Ready to Give an Answer. We will have a few favorite returning speakers from this year’s conference along with some new ones and a special musical guest who I know you’ll enjoy. We will also have a bigger location and special deals for you and your family to visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. Reserve it on your calendar now, April 7–8, 2017, at Florence Baptist Church, Florence, Kentucky (just 20–25 minutes from both Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum).

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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