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The theme of this year’s Answers for Women conference is Discern: Engaging the Culture with Wisdom and Grace. As I explained in my earlier post on the conference, discernment is lacking in the church today. We have designed this conference to equip women to “speak the truth in love” and avoid being “tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine” (Ephesians 4:14–15).

Joining our other speakers at this year’s conference will be Mary Mohler. Mary leads the Seminary Wives Institute at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, Kentucky) where her husband, Dr. Albert Mohler, serves as president. Mary was a contributor to The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook and has also written a booklet on modesty. This is what Mary had to say about her presentation at this year’s conference:

Can you imagine explaining to our recent ancestors what kind of cataclysmic culture shift we have experienced just in the last decade or so? Like a ball rolling down the hill, society's acceptance of choices and lifestyles that are clearly contrary to Scripture are suddenly the prevailing opinion of the day. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who seek to proclaim His gospel and walk as children of light, we are ever increasingly looked upon as backward and ignorant as we use the straight edge of Scripture to inform our lives. However, just as our Christian ancestors faced opposition of their own, we know that believers have always faced challenges in seeking to be people of the Book. Let us not be deceived into thinking we are the first to encounter opposition. It goes way back! We read in Acts 17:11 (NIV) how the Bereans “received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” God’s word as our bedrock of truth endures and we must be discerning like the Bereans in applying it to our daily lives.

Are we confident in the promises that are plainly given to us in the infallible Word? Do we make it a daily practice to glean wisdom and instruction from a book penned over 2,000 years ago? Are we encouraged beyond words since we have read the Book and know how it ends? Are we resolved to share the truth about Christ no matter how marginalized we may feel? Do we take seriously the responsibility to teach the Bible to our children as we sit and walk and lie down and rise up? Let’s talk about these questions and more at Discern, April 15–16. We have been charged to winsomely uphold God's precious Word even when we are in the minority and are deemed irrelevant. By God's grace, you too can be a wise woman who speaks the truth of the Bible in your sphere of influence. May the Lord daily instill us with the sincere desire to be used by Him and increase our confidence and resolve in Christ alone to wisely discern truth. So much is at stake!

Mary spoke at our first Answers for Women conference in 2012 and has joined us several times since. I always enjoy talking with Mary and hearing about the many “hats” that she wears. She is a devoted wife and mother who also has a passion for teaching women to study and know God’s Word so that we might be women of the Word. Mary is always a favorite speaker at our conferences, and I can’t wait to hear how she will encourage us to be modern-day Bereans.

Register today to take advantage of the early-bird price (ENDS TODAY!), and remember the price includes a two-day Creation Museum admission for attendee, husband, and children. On the event website, we’ve also added a poster, bulletin insert, and video promo that can be downloaded to advertise the conference at your church.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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