Answers for Women 2014: Women Living After Eve

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About a year ago, a woman named Bethany in my Bible study group shared that she worked with several unbelievers, and one of their criticisms of Christianity was that the Bible denigrated women. Bethany knew that wasn’t true but she wasn’t sure how to directly answer their questions. We’ve all likely thought or heard comments like these: “The Bible is anti-woman.” “The Proverbs 31 woman is an impossible standard for me to live up to.” “Historically, men have been more valuable in God's economy than women.” As I listened to her story and thought about my own experiences on this topic, I realized she needed answers—and so did I!

Our annual Answers for Women conference is all about biblical apologetics (giving a defense of the Christian faith), and I knew exploring the topic of the Bible and women needed to be the focus of this year’s conference.

Of course all women (and men) are living after Eve, meaning after the Fall, and our fallen state precipitates many false ideas about women and the Bible. While unbelievers obviously don’t understand Scripture as it relates to women, I think many Christian women also have a flawed understanding of themselves as image-bearers of God and their unique roles in the body of Christ.

We have an amazing lineup of speakers who will equip you to give answers to unbelievers and hopefully correct any misunderstandings you may have as a believer. Returning favorite speakers are Mary Mohler and Joy Fagan, along with two new speakers—Joy White (wife of Dr. Thomas White, president of Cedarville University) and Candi Finch (assistant professor of theology in women’s studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary). In addition, on Friday evening we will have a dramatic performance by Vickie Gaynier as Corrie ten Boom. I will also be speaking twice on Friday in a pre-conference session and evening session.

In light of the recent Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate, I personally have been challenged and motivated about the importance of being able to give answers solidly founded in God’s Word to the questions the world is asking. During the debate, Ken never wavered on the foundational importance of Scripture in helping us understand the issue of origins and so much more. The central question in all of these clashes that we have with the world—whether it be related to women, the sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, or origins—is “Who is our ultimate authority—God or man?”

Start planning now to attend the Answers for Women Conference, May 2–3, 2014 at the Creation Museum. Included in your registration is lunch on Saturday and free admission to the Creation Museum for you, your spouse, and your children, so plan to come early or stay late and enjoy the museum. Be sure to check out the event website for registration, downloadable bulletin inserts, and posters to advertise the conference at your church or in your community. The early bird discount ends March 3!

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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