Ministering to the Woman at the Well

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog posts over the last few weeks regarding our Answers for Women conference on May 3–4 at the Creation Museum. Earlier this week, my daughter helped me record a promo for the conference that I think turned out quite well. She was thrilled that she got to be a part of it, and I think she stole the show! Please watch it, share it with your church, and share it on Facebook to encourage the ladies in your life to come.

Elizabeth and I promoting the Answers for Women conference!

At this year’s conference we are pleased to have a new speaker, Dr. Joy Fagan. She is an associate professor of educational ministries at Cedarville University (my alma mater!). Joy is also a conference and retreat speaker focusing on the areas of gender issues, spiritual formation, and women’s ministry. She is particularly interested in ministering to disadvantaged and marginalized women such as those who have suffered trauma, substance abuse, and homelessness. Her presentation will be titled “Vessels of Honor: Our Identity and Calling.” Joy gave me the following summary of her presentation, which will be based on 2 Timothy 2:20-21.

I will talk about the importance of being a clean vessel with a noble purpose as established in Scripture. Having established this as a foundation, we will biblically unpack today’s “Who is my neighbor?” and also the “widow and orphan” of our day, and finally what we as believers and as the local church can do in our communities for the women “still at the well.”
I have no doubt this will be a challenging message!

In addition to the presentations, there will also be a drama performance on Friday evening. Matt Moore of Lamp and Light Productions will present “John’s Gospel: So That You May Believe.” This is yet another Cedarville connection for me. Matt and I attended Cedarville at the same time and I remember him as the star in most of the drama and musical performances that the university offered. He is truly talented.

Remember to register before February 28 to take advantage of the early bird discount. Registration cost includes lunch on Saturday, admission to the Creation Museum for you and your immediate family, and a gift bag.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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