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This past weekend it was my privilege to be the commencement speaker for the graduation ceremony at North Cobb Christian School in Kennesaw, Georgia. (Sorry I don’t have any pictures for the event but I didn’t think they’d appreciate the speaker taking pictures on stage, and there are no pockets in academic regalia!) I challenged the graduates with the actions of Mary pouring costly oil on Jesus and wiping his feet with her hair (found in John 12:1–8 with parallel passages in Matthew and Mark).

Mary showed her total devotion and glorified Christ by giving Him her best—very costly oil (worth a year’s wages) and wiping his feet with her hair, her crowning glory, which Jewish women did not let down in public. Mary went against the expected, the norm, and the popular. The disciples were very vocal about their displeasure with her. They wanted to sell the oil and feed the poor. Their focus was on the temporal. Jesus turned their attention, as He had done many times before, to the eternal—Himself and His glory. He praised Mary for her actions and stated that wherever the gospel was preached, what she had done would be told in memory of her.

I challenged the graduates to remember Mary’s devotion and sacrifice to bring glory to Christ and to do the same. I told them that what they believe about God and His Word meant that many times what they thought, said and did would go against the norm, the majority, and the popular. The secular world and even some of the Christian world would try to convince them that their time, effort, talent, and intellect would be wasted if they stood on God’s Word as truth. I exhorted them to focus on the eternal, the heavenly reward (Matthew 5:11–12) and the commendation by Jesus one day in heaven when He says to us, “Well done, good and faithful servant. … Enter into the joy of your lord.” (Matthew 25:21). From the comments I received afterwards, I could see that the Lord was able to use these words to encourage the teachers, graduates, and their families.

I was also able to spend some time with my good friend Janice. She and I met at AiG’s first Creation College in 2004 before I was a speaker for AiG. Janice is a high school biology teacher, so we have a lot in common. Despite the big crowds, we made our way through the Georgia Aquarium. They have some truly awesome exhibits, and I took lots of photos.  Janice and I couldn't help but comment over and over about the creativity of God so amazingly displayed in these marine creatures.

Huge coral reef.

These were some of the largest rays I have ever seen!

Large whale shark. I love the polka dots.

The aquarium has four beluga whales that are only found in the very icy waters of the far North.

Many different cichlid species—but all one kind!

I found the General Lee outside my hotel one morning. Only in the South!

Be sure to come back on Thursday when I’ll discuss my experiences at a natural history museum in Atlanta and compare it to our new Lucy exhibit at the Creation Museum.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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