Do You Read Christian Fiction?

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I do! I enjoy everything from historical romance to drama to mystery. Since I have a lot of speaking events this year, I’ve been enjoying catching up on my reading during plane trips. I love the smell and feel of a new book. (I haven’t entered the ebook era just yet!) A couple years ago, I was asked to review a book by author Julie Cave entitled Deadly Disclosures. I was told the author had incorporated solid biblical teaching on Genesis and the importance of biblical authority into her book. Being the skeptic that I am, I wondered how a Christian author could work these nonfiction topics into a work of fiction.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading the book and found I couldn’t put it down! This happens with very few books I read. The drama, mystery, and biblical teaching were woven together masterfully. I was thrilled to meet Julie when she traveled with her husband and daughter to the U.S. from Australia and spent some time at AiG.

Since then, Julie has written two more books entitled The Shadowed Mind and Pieces of Light (all three are available as ebooks, too). I was very thankful that Julie gave me the opportunity to be a reviewer for these books as well. Like most scientists, I can’t write creatively but I was glad to use my expertise to assist Julie. I’m living vicariously through her!

Julie has begun writing a prequel to these books entitled The Darkest Night. In this book she explores major events in the life of the main character Dinah Harris leading up to Deadly Disclosures. She is posting the book section by section on her blog. If you haven’t read her other books then this is a great introduction. If you have read her other books, then like me you can’t wait to delve into more details about Dinah’s past.

If you know someone who might be hesitant to read a nonfiction book like The New Answers Book, then I highly recommend Julie Cave’s books. They are a great way to introduce people to the importance of biblical authority and the history in Genesis in a powerful yet different way.

I’m off to Austin, Texas, today to speak at Concordia University and several Lutheran churches in Austin. I will hopefully be reporting on my ministry there in my Tuesday blog next week. Be praying.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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