Shooting Videos in the Birthplace of a King

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To answer the question that is probably brewing in your mind after reading the title, no I did not recently visit Bethlehem. If that were the case, I would have said “the birthplace of the King.” I traveled with Drs. Menton and Mitchell to Tupelo, Mississippi, this past week. That’s the birthplace of Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll. It is also the home of the American Family Association where we taped several presentations for a joint video series project between AiG and AFA on the sanctity of life.

Dr. Menton gave an updated version of his fascinating presentation on the development of the baby in the womb. Dr. Mitchell’s presentations covered a wide range of topics including suicide, euthanasia, stem cells, cloning, when does life begin, and the issue of death and suffering. I gave an expanded version of my presentation on eugenics and Planned Parenthood. We also had the opportunity to be on several AFR shows including Focal Point with Bryan Fischer, AFA Journal and AFA Today. They kept us plenty busy but it was a lot of fun!

During my interview on Focal Point, Bryan Fischer asked, “So it seems like you could draw a straight line between Charles Darwin, Margaret Sanger, the eugenics movement, and Adolph Hitler. You have an unbroken line from the theory of evolution to Hitler's Germany. Is that an over-exaggeration?” To which I replied, “No.  It’s not.” An atheist took me to task for this reply on his blog and stated,

Evolution doesn't care. Evolution happens, has happened, and will happen, regardless of who embraces it, or who mirrors its mechanisms for whatever nefarious purpose.

It doesn't matter if Mother Theresa, Pope Benedict, or Adolf Hitler embraced the theory of evolution. It doesn't change anything.

On the contrary, it changes everything! As I show in my presentation, evolution provided the foundation for eugenics. Francis Galton, the father of eugenics, was a cousin to Charles Darwin, and I document several letters exchanged between them that supports their “feeding” off each other’s ideas to further develop both eugenics and evolution. If molecules-to-man evolution weren’t the prevailing idea of origins then eugenics would have no foundation, countless people would not have been sterilized, and countless children and Jewish people would not have been murdered—to name just a few positive outcomes.

The sanctity of life series will be available for viewing on the Homeschool Channel and on DVD sometime in the spring. Both AFA and AiG hope this series will impact the hearts and minds of many Christians in this election year to make wise, biblical choices when they vote. Check out my Facebook page for some pictures taken during production, including one of Dr. Mitchell getting his makeup on!

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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