Beautiful Time in Sandia Mountains

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I wanted to share some pictures today of my time at Calvary Chapel in Rio Rancho near Albuquerque, New Mexico. The people were very friendly and helpful and had a great desire to become equipped to defend the authority of God’s Word. Almost 1,000 people total attended the five presentations I gave on Sunday and Monday. I also had the opportunity to sightsee (which is rare) on Monday with several couples from the church. Enjoy!

Banner on creation near one of the entrances to the church. I really appreciate how precise the wording is!

The church had an amazing coffee shop. This is a yummy frozen coffee drink I had (at least it was decaf!)

Beautiful Sandia Mountains as seen from the church parking lot.

I took a tram up to the crest of the mountains. It is the longest tram in the U.S.

View from the tram. According to our guide you can see 130 miles in any direction from the crest of the mountains.

The mountains are mainly composed of granite with feldspar. This gives them a pink/red appearance when the sun hits them in the evening. The word sandia means watermelon in Spanish. The name was supposedly given because of the reddish color of the mountains.

View from the crest. There were 49 inches of snow on the ground the day we visited down from 87 inches around Christmas. My daughter is wishing we lived here!

Of course our guide informed us of the “millions and billions of years” for the age of the mountains. This was an exhibit in the visitor center at the top. Yes there was an ancient sea there—about 4,500 years ago as a result of Noah’s Flood!

People hungry for resources to get equipped!

It was a great event but I’m glad to be back home. I’m busy preparing for an upcoming video series on the sanctity of life which will tape in early February. More on that later, but be praying!

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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