Do Women Prefer Junk Food or Healthy Food?

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A few weeks ago, I posted a blog entitled “Why we don’t need women’s ministry” or Do We? in relation to our upcoming Answers for Women conference. I received several interesting comments on the AiG Facebook page about the blog. One woman commented:

Too often I have found that the teaching of women has been relegated to "what they need to know to be good wives and mothers" and little else in the way of doctrine and theology. . . . The Bible doesn't say that only men are to be ready to have an answer for the hope that is within but ALL believers. Women are the earliest teachers of their children-how can they adequately pass on the faith if they aren't taught the answers and how to discern the answers if they are not taught? I tend to avoid women's conferences because I get the general impression that most are fluff.
“Too much fluff!” has literally become the mantra of many Christian women in relation to Christian women’s conferences. Many conferences I see advertised offer nothing more than a lineup of motivational speakers that feed women junk food consisting of stories and positive thinking instead of the healthy diet of God’s Word they really need.

Another woman commented:

This is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish with the women’s ministry at my church that I just took over a short time ago. I have to believe that the ladies in our congregation want to go deeper, that they are not satisfied with cutesy games and a feel good word or two. We are delving into apologetics in January. Pray for us!
I told a friend of mine who is involved in women’s ministry at her church, “It’s not that women don’t want or need to learn theology or apologetics or go deeper into God’s Word, it’s just they don’t realize it.” Many women have been on such a steady diet of “fluff” that they’ve lost their appetite for “meat.”

I hope all these food analogies are making you hungry, not for the food we physically eat (!) but rather for the Bread of Life and food from His Word. One of the speakers at Answers for Women, Stacia McKeever, will discuss God’s sovereignty and having a child with disabilities. She wrote the following in relation to her presentation:

A baby born with a disfiguring illness. A child living with a rare genetic disorder that causes learning and physical disabilities. If God is the author of life, where is He in these situations? Are we all made in His image? Is God really good all the time? We all know someone with some type of disability—either a friend, family member, or ourselves. When you attend the Answers for Women conference, you'll find out how to view disabilities from a biblical perspective and why abandoning God in such times of crisis isn't the answer.
Please ladies, don’t wait and register now for Answers for Women.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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