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Anatomy and Physiology of the Crucifixion

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For the past ten years, in multiple formats, I have given a presentation on the physical aspects of the crucifixion of Christ. It all started back in college when my anatomy and physiology professor gave a short presentation on the topic. I remember being greatly humbled and going away from the class with a greater appreciation of the cost of my salvation.

When I started teaching college and was asked to teach anatomy and physiology, I determined that very first Easter that I would also give a presentation on the crucifixion of Christ to my class. I was amazed at how much was written on the topic and saw this as an opportunity to help my students apply what they had learned and stand in more awe of the price Christ paid for our sin.

That was ten years ago, and now I’m glad to be able to present on the crucifixion at the Creation Museum. I always say that this particular presentation is the most difficult presentation to give, but I also believe it is one of the most important. We need to understand that we would not need Jesus’ death and resurrection, the actions of the Last Adam, if it were not for the actions of the first Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45). I hope that you will be able to join us at 12 PM on March 29, or at 3 PM on April 12 and 19, at the Creation Museum for this very special Easter presentation.

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