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Words Worth Repeating

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A friend of mine recently shared this on her blog, and I thought it bore repeating. The words come from an old hymn that I had never heard before. As I read it, I was reminded that my salvation is by God’s grace alone. Every human being—beginning with the first two humans, Adam and Eve—is deserving of death and eternal punishment because of our sin in relation to God’s holiness. We cannot have a relationship with God because of anything we do, hence the title of the hymn, but because of God’s grace and mercy. We are offered eternal life through Christ’s death and resurrection. I was very humbled as I read this and hope you will too.

I Do Not Come Because My Soul

Words by Frank B, St. John (1878)

Verse 1:

I do not come because my soul Is free from sin and pure and whole And worthy of Thy grace; I do not speak to Thee because I’ve ever justly kept Thy laws And dare to meet Thy face.

Verse 2:

I know that sin and guilt combine To reign o’er every thought of mine And turn from good to ill; I know that, when I try to be Upright and just and true to Thee, I am a sinner still.

Verse 3:

I know that often when I strive To keep a spark of love alive For Thee, the powers within Leap up in unsubmissive might And oft benumb my sense of right And pull me back to sin.

Verse 4:

I know that, though in doing good I spend my life, I never could Atone for all I’ve done; But though my sins are black as night, I dare to come before Thy sight Because I trust Thy Son.

Verse 5:

In Him alone my trust I place, Come boldly to Thy throne of grace, And there commune with Thee. And, all unworthy, I am Thine, For Jesus died for me.

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