A Young Boy, Lizards, and Creation

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Last week when I spoke in the museum, eleven-year-old Michael from Georgia engaged me in some great conversation about his passion for creation herpetology (the study of lizards, reptiles, snakes, etc.—things I don’t like to touch!) We talked about created kinds and reproduction within those kinds, and he had some good questions about different lizard hybrids. Since lizards aren’t my specialty, I’m going to put him in touch with several creation herpetologists I know (surprisingly there are quite a few of them, like our own Rick Teepen who does Snakes Alive programs at the Creation Museum).

Michael shared with me that he visited a natural history museum and asked one of their staff scientists many questions concerning the problems with evolution. His questions must have been very good because the scientist eventually told Michael she wouldn’t answer any more of his questions!

Michael also told me that some friends of his family were Christians but did not believe in the biblical account of creation. When he and his family visited them for an extended period, he equipped himself with some Buddy Davis materials and other resources from our website and spent two weeks helping them understand that God’s Word is true beginning in Genesis. As a result, the whole family now believes in biblical creation!

Michael is really on fire for God and the truth of His Word. His testimony is both awesome and humbling. If an eleven-year-old can effectively “demolish strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:5), then the rest of us are without excuse.

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