Speaking in Bozeman, Montana

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For all of my “western” followers, I will be speaking in Bozeman, Montana, at Grace Bible Church on April 16–18. The conference entitled “Fact Over Fiction: Countering Myths in Biology” is sponsored by the Montana Origins Research Effort (MORE).  Admission to the conference is free, with a $6.00 pizza lunch on Saturday. Joining me will be Dr. Terry Mortenson, Dr. Werner Gitt, and Mike Oard giving presentations on information, biology and geology. Without a doubt, it will be an information-packed conference (no pun intended!). There will also be sessions for children throughout the day on Saturday and resources for purchase. I will be giving four biology presentations:

If you can’t join us for the conference, all of these presentations can now be purchased on DVD.  Check out the conference website for times and more details. I have never been to Montana, so I’m looking forward to visiting—and I hope to see you there.

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