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You know, sometimes I am still amazed at how “upsetting” the issue of creation and the inerrancy of Scripture can be in a church. I recently received an email from a woman who is struggling with this issue in her church. She teaches the children and showed them an Answers in Genesis DVD, but one of the parents became upset that the DVD was shown. Although AiG materials had been used in the church previously, the woman teaching the children did not know AiG resources had been banned because they had caused so much controversy. Here is an excerpt from the email she sent me, relaying part of her conversation with someone at the church about this issue:

. . . the board’s decision [to ban AiG resources] was based on the thought that YE/OE [Young Earth/Old Earth] was a side issue, which children did not need to be exposed to. I told [this person] that I had never mentioned any debate, but had simply taught what the Bible said. I told [this person] that . . . even if I was not using AiG materials, I knew that what I was teaching pointed to a young earth (such as Death was a result of Adam’s sin, the earth came before the sun, the flood covered the tallest mountain by 20 ft. etc.). I pointed out that I wasn’t teaching anything outside of the Bible–but explained the significance of each point and how it conflicted with an old earth view. [This person] advised that I stick to the moral of the story, teach the kids only half the truth and leave out all the details. I was so shocked by what [this person] said, that I repeated it back. This seemed to be effective. I asked [this person] a series of questions and ascertained that the issue was not with what the text seemed to mean, but if the Scripture was truly inerrant or if it was fallible.  (Emphasis added.)
Can you imagine someone thinking it is acceptable to teach children only half the truth when it comes to the Bible? Even our justice system expects “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” In Psalm 119:30 David says, “I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws.”

The last sentence of her email really says it all. It’s not about creation or evolution or millions of years, but the question of whether God Word is inerrant or not. I encourage you to pray for this woman, that she will be bold and courageous in her stand on God’s Word, and that the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of the board and others at the church. Also, may it be a vivid reminder to us all to get involved in our churches’ children’s programs, so we can teach children the whole truth!

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