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Flat Faulkner

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In the mail recently I received a very nice card from S.S. in Massachusetts, a young woman who is homeschooled.

There was something folded up inside the card. When I unfolded it, I immediately recognized that it was an image of me that she had drawn, colored, and cut out. I immediately thought “Flat Faulkner.” This intent was confirmed when I noticed that the young woman had written on the back, “Like Flat Ken Ham, it’s Flat Faulkner.” I’m sure that many of you are familiar with this summer’s Flat Ken photo contest. This contest asked people to submit photos of Flat Ken on various adventures this summer. There actually are two contests—one where people take Flat Ken along on their visit to the Creation Museum, and the other where people take Flat Ken elsewhere on their summer vacations. The contests close the end of September, when the parties who submitted the best Flat Ken photos will receive some nice prizes.

This got me to thinking. Perhaps we can have an informal Flat Faulkner contest. We won’t offer any prizes, but we can have some fun. Here is an image of Flat Faulkner. Print it, cut it out, and then take it on some astronomical adventure. Perhaps you can take a photo of Flat Faulkner with you and your family looking at the stars at night. If you have a telescope, take a photo of Flat Faulkner with the telescope. If you visit a planetarium or observatory, take a photo of Flat Faulkner somewhere there. You can upload your photos on the Answers in Genesis Facebook page.

In a future blog, I’ll share some of what I think are the best photos and offer a few awards.

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