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by Calvin Smith on July 28, 2020; last featured September 6, 2021
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Having spoken on the topics of biblical creation, general apologetics, and ultimately the authority of God’s Word for almost 20 years now, it is even more apparent that the average church in Canada continues to struggle in effectively equipping the lay-Christian in these areas.

The Challenge

The vices of secular education combined with an increasingly hostile media continue to pressure churches to compromise on Genesis 1–11 as the foundation of the very doctrines under attack in our culture. This has left the church largely defenseless against modern movements championing unbiblical concepts regarding marriage, identity, race, and morality in general: hence the need for Answers in Genesis resources in churches, homes, and the culture to equip people with answers and tools to help them witness more frequently and effectively.

The Opportunity

At the same time, time constraints combined with the ease of use and the vast increase in technology have driven many people away from paper and towards digital content, especially video. These two factors have created both a need and an opportunity for us to equip people by producing new, bite-sized, high-quality, and regular video content that will be accessible on multiple platforms around the world.

Research shows that video continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach people, especially among the younger demographics. The majority tend to find videos more engaging, more memorable, and more popular than any other type of content, often preferring to access previously written articles converted to online video while traveling, exercising, doing chores, etc. as opposed to reading.

Although shorter, punchy videos with subtitles are accessed more frequently, research shows that often videos between fifteen minutes and two hours long often do better on certain social media platforms than shorter ones. This is because people often want to hear a reasoned dialog between people that is nuanced and well thought out, with different viewpoints expressed and explored rather than information that is “pre-packaged” so to speak: so much so that many content creators have seen an increase in views and subscribers when they focus on longer videos.

Coinciding with this need came the unprecedented announcement that AiG–US has launched the streaming service—available in Canada (and around the world). Containing hundreds of hours of top-quality Answers in Genesis and Living Waters video content already, we can now freely produce and host new content on our own professional, family-friendly, global streaming platform, though we will continue to use other public platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

A Powerful Solution

GREAT Conversations is a conversational interview program, with my guests and me (Calvin Smith, Executive Director of Answers in Genesis Canada) having unscripted discussions surrounding the topics of the Gospel, Relevance, Evangelism, Apologetics, and Training for Christians—hence the name GREAT Conversations.

Each episode is of varying lengths, allowing for a relaxed flow and for introspective viewpoints on the topics to be assessed from a biblical worldview, rooted in a commitment to the authority of the Word of God.

How You Can Help

GREAT Conversations is available as part of your subscription to and is also available for free on platforms like our AiG–CA Facebook page and our AiG–CA YouTube channel. We know it can be annoying when listening on online platforms where the content provider asks you to subscribe, hit the notification bell, etc. to “improve their channel” (i.e., make them money). However, as a tool to equip fellow believers and witness to unbelievers, it helps in a very real way. With the algorithms set up the way they are, it’s like getting media platforms that are often quite unfriendly to Christian content to promote gospel outreach—for free! Think of it as if you’re donating to our Answers in Genesis–CA advertising campaign without having to spend a dime.

And if you’ve been blessed by this content, understand the importance of biblical authority, and have the means, please consider giving a one-time gift or becoming one of our monthly supporters by clicking this link.

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