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by Buddy Davis on January 22, 2010
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We are at the Creation Museum the first two weeks of each month doing music concerts and children’s workshops every day. The music concert is in the Special Effects Theater at 3:00 p.m. each day.  The workshop is at 1:30 p.m. in the Morris Whitcomb Room. We are currently doing the “It Didn’t Happen by Chance” workshop. I show the children step by step how I built the 40-foot-long T. rex that is in the Dinosaur Den. I get them to thinking about how long it took me (two years) and that someone would not think that it just happened from an explosion in a fiber glass factory.  This workshop gives the glory of Creation to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We also do two different crafts. One is creating a dragonfly out of pipe cleaners, which the children love. The other craft is getting to actually do sculpturing. We like to include sculpturing in each of the different workshops that we do. Children just love to work with clay. They get to sculpture a Triceratops head. We change the workshop about every four to six months.

When I am not at the museum, I am working on different projects. One is the construction of metal dinosaurs. If you come to the museum, you will see my metal dinosaurs out in the garden area. I have completed five so far, and I am going to be working on a Pteranodon next. I have friends that help with the welding.

I am also going out to different churches to do ministry. I do family talks and concerts as well as wild game dinners. We were recently in Alto, Michigan, at Calvary Brethren Church, where I did Sunday school and morning worship. Sunday evening I did a music concert, and then I finished the evening with my “Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure” talk.

The next morning, I did a homeschool event, and Monday evening I did “Dinosaurs—Separating Fact from Fiction” and finished up with “It’s Designed To Do.” The pastor was from our home area. We enjoyed spending time with the Pastor and his wife and three adorable children. It is always a blessing for us to meet fellow believers and have a chance to fellowship with them.

I am working on some new songs for a new CD. I am fine-tuning a song on all the books of the Bible and another on the Ten Commandments. I have about 16 songs to choose from for the new CD.

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