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London Olympics Ministry 2012, Day Nine, Friday

on August 11, 2012

Gospel Literature in London

The booklet, Big Ben Time, has been distributed all over London with the good news of Jesus Christ. Gospel literature is a valuable tool in the hands of Christians to spread the Word of God. This fact was reinforced today as I traveled to Central London to visit the burial site of John Bunyan the writer of Pilgrim’s Progress. This piece of English literature was used by God for hundreds of years to draw people to the Word of God. I then moved to the grave of John Wesley who wrote profusely about Scripture and supplied a ready world with the great doctrines of our faith. Gospel literature is known to the Christian world to be a powerful tool for teaching and evangelism. Please pray as we use literature to reach the world that is in London.

Many of our people today took their one day off from ministry to visit the sites in London, yet we distributed 8,316 booklets (grand total 42,637) and saw three more souls come to Christ. In this city that is often opposed to the gospel, we have seen 24 people trust Christ and today alone have witnessed to 632 people. Our AiG Worldwide team has witnessed to people from 110 of the 204 countries at the Olympics.

One of our career English missionaries told me how God took a difficult circumstance and turned it around so that several were effectively witnessed to.

Two of our English ladies witnessed to a man today at the feet of a statue of Charles Darwin. For many minutes they quoted Scripture and shared their personal testimonies. Darwin is dead but our God lives on!

Today I met an athlete from Zambia, 100 meter racer, who had come in eleventh at the Olympics. After a brief testimony from me, she took one of our booklets and had to leave to catch up with her team members. She knew of missionaries in her country and plans to take the booklet home with her.

Please pray for our final day of ministry in London.

Dr. David R. Crandall

Matthew T. sharing a booklet with a man on the street.

Belsey Bridge and Conference Centre fed us very well!

Diane Trochim and Virginia Harp were able to witness to this man.

Every day starts out with prayer.

Virginia Harp leading her group in prayer before they head out for the day.


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