News to Note, October 18, 2008

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Featured in News to Know

Tiktaalik again, insect fossil at a shopping mall, bad bonobos, funding death, wasting money for frivilous lawsuits.

1. From Water to Land: The Evolutionary Transition Revealed

The supposed missing link Tiktaalik is back in the news again, rearing its ugly “evolutionary” head on the supposed transitional element of a mobile neck.

2. World's Oldest Flying Insect Fossil Found In Massachusetts

The world’s oldest (allegedly) fossilized impression of a flying insect wasn’t found in a rock quarry in an exotic setting; it was found behind a strip mall in suburban Massachusetts.

3. Bonobos Less Humane Than Once Thought

They may not be outright cannibals, but even so, bonobos are decidedly less “humane” than once thought.

4. Taubman to Donate $22 Million for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

A generous alumnus of the University of Michigan is set to fund more embryonic stem cell research. But will a state political proposal doom the research?

5. AP: Suit Against God Thrown Out Over Lack of Address

A cantankerous Nebraska legislator’s attempt to sue God was stymied this week by a judge who blocked the suit on account of not knowing God’s home address!

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