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Starting a New Reformation

Last night, while my daughter made cupcakes, I read the recent issue of the Answers magazine to her. We were blessed by the challenge to begin the new Reformation right here in our own community. . . . We see that very change happening right in front of our eyes, in our home town.

So, I am writing to find out how I can receive additional copies of the Answers magazine each month for our small group and Sunday school. Please let me know how I can order additional copies.

John C., Pocomoke, MD

Editor’s note: Back issues are available until sold out. For contact info, see the “Subscriptions/Reprints” section at the bottom right of page 6, or click on the link (above right).

Answers around the Globe

Thank you for all the work that you do. I am an American living in Latvia with my Russian husband and our two sons. . . . I have been able to share my copies of the magazine with some ladies in my Bible study, one in particular who is from Finland. She has not had any creation information before and so I am very excited for her to read the excellent articles in the magazine.

Christa R., Latvia

An Attack on the Catholic Church?

I regret saying that I will not be renewing my subscription on account of Vol. 2 No. 4 of Answers. . . . I was sickened by the inside content, i.e., false arguments and attacks on the Catholic Church. I am a traditional Catholic, and I found the rhetoric of this issue to be immature, unfounded, and simply intolerable.

Intolerable for the publisher because it contradicts the Answers purpose statement and divides Christians from uniting for the purposes of contending against the error of evolutionism in one single solid voice.

Michael F., Blackriver Falls, WI

Editor’s Note: We will certainly honor your wishes to cancel your subscription. I would like to assure you, however, that we did not intend to be abrasive. We were trying to be fair and balanced, as much as possible, in our presentation of historical facts about church history (the moral and doctrinal debates of the Middle Ages were a problem within the church as a whole, not a “Roman Catholic” problem).

Concerning our coverage of creation/evolution issues, the full title of the magazine is Answers: Building a Biblical Worldview. This is a worldview magazine, showing how the gospel and our Christian lives should be built on a biblical understanding of creation and Genesis. The magazine’s purpose statement (p. 6 of every issue) includes the key words worldview, biblical authority, and gospel. Since its founding in 1993, Answers in Genesis has promoted the supreme authority of God’s Word and salvation based on faith alone. While our views contradict the Council of Trent, the ministry strives not to be negative or “anti–Catholic,” but positive, “pro-evangelical Christian,” and “pro-Creator,” if you’ll allow us those terms.

Future issues will rarely allude to the Reformation. That just happened to be the focus of this issue. Most issues will deal more directly with science and biblical history. The next issue, for instance, will bring readers up to speed on astronomy, and the following issue will explore Babel. Many other exciting topics are in the works.

The Amazing Hearing Ear

The “Hearing Ear” article is interesting. I am deaf and my organs of the Corti do not work. Hairs don’t move, but when I wear my hearing aids, it works! God is amazing that He taught someone to make a hearing aid!

Dan W., Mentor, OH

Emerging Church—Style or Substance?

I felt offended as I read what I perceived as a tone of personal indignation, “Inside their walls, you’ll typically find couches in place of pews, conversation instead of preaching, compromise in place of convictions, and questions instead of truth.” There is no biblical justification to negatively judge couches and a casual atmosphere with people sharing their lives with each other.

Chris K., Springhill, FL

Author’s Note: The intent of the article “A Call Back to Truth” was to highlight the dangerous teachings that have crept into this growing movement, not the form of worship. This sentence only describes what is typical in Emerging Churches, while the main point of the article was the movement’s failure to recognize the clarity and sufficiency of Scripture as our authority.

It is very difficult to describe a movement that seeks to avoid being categorized. We sought out expert advice in an effort to be both fair and informative.

Worldwide Partnerships

Many articles are very interesting and thought provoking. . . . Our readers give a very high rating for the Answers magazine articles. When Christians from different nations and continents are united, great things can be achieved for our Lord.

Candice L., Hong Kong,
China Media Evangelism

Limited Editor’s Note: Media Evangelism Limited, a Christian ministry in Hong Kong, has translated and published many of our Ark articles in their Chinese magazine. They are building a massive Ark near Hong Kong, and AiG has provided research support.

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