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on April 1, 2007
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Answers for a 12-Year-Old

Your magazine is wonderful! It just has so many … “answers!” … I especially liked the short article, “Not Just Horsin’ Around.” I love horses! It really is quite upsetting hearing in so many books today that “horses evolved millions of years ago” and so on. I would suggest writing another article about horses, showing what evolutionists believe about horses and what creationists have to say about why this is not so.

Thank you so much for your wonderful magazine that is sure to provide people from across the nation with all kinds of “answers!”

— Emily Kuehn, Age 12, Parma, Ohio

Editor’s Note: Emily, we love to hear from young readers such as you. Thanks for the article idea!

The One I Didn’t Think Existed

I recently received my first issue of Answers magazine and I am so impressed. What an awesome magazine! I finally found the Christian magazine I didn’t think existed! I appreciate the Kids Answers for my daughter, but she reads the whole magazine, too. I am just beginning to check out your website and want to say thank you for what you do and for glorifying God! It inspires me to know there are others out there that know and proclaim the truth!

— Debbie Sheridan, Long Island, New York

Deeply Impressed

I am deeply impressed with the magazine—its overall presentation, art work, and above all the OUTSTANDING quality of the articles it contains.

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to all the contributing writers as well as all your staff for their great achievement. What a blessing it is to have such a support in one’s life, learning just how great and wonderful our loving Father and our creator GOD is.

— A.S., Greater Manchester, UK

Morning Coffee Break

I was perusing the latest issue over coffee this morning. WOW! This is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE of improvement over [your previous] magazine. I especially like the broad range of technicality, from kid level to near tech-journal level (for physics/engineering types like me and my friends).

— Tom LePage, Albany, Oregon


I was disappointed in your story about Margaret Sanger. My understanding of Ms. Sanger’s work was that she promoted birth control (which was illegal in those days) in order to prevent abortions, not promote them. Her own mother died of a botched abortion, after something like 14 pregnancies, and [she] did not want this to happen to other women. … As for her eugenics beliefs, she was a product of her times, but that doesn’t mean she was an advocate for destroying a whole group of people. …. Without Ms. Sanger’s work, it would be much harder for women today to obtain contraception, which would then result in more abortions. I certainly don’t condone her lifestyle or everything she did, but to portray her as someone who promoted abortion is just not correct. By the way, I am very pro-life, but also very pro-truth.

Thank you.

— Jeanette Strong, Fallon, Nevada

Author responds: Let’s look to Margaret Sanger’s own words. The motto of her journal The Rebel Woman was “No Gods and No Masters.” The first issue denounced marriage as “a degenerate institution” and modesty as “obscene prudery.” She distributed leaflets recommending “herbal abortifacients.” She explained her “Negro Project” (targeting Southern blacks) with, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” Most telling is her quote, “The most merciful thing a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

Sadly, abortion deaths have increased since Planned Parenthood’s existence.

Wendy Wright
President, Concerned Women for America

Family Dinner Discussions

Your new Answers magazine is very good. The January–March 2007 issue was particularly good. Our entire family is reading that issue and [we all] have been trying to get to it first! …

The kids section is well-loved by my 10-year old. It is fun to hear discussions of your magazine at the dinner table.

Keep up the good work!!

— The Pappas family, Salt Flat, Texas

Coming to a Library Near You?

Answers was given to us as a free subscription, but it has now expired. We are a university (was college) library and this publication is a good thing to make available to the students. Because of the nature and potential exposure to so many, I would like to ask that you consider giving the university another year of free subscription.”

— Nancy M., Periodicals Department of a state university in the east

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to give Nancy’s university a free subscription to Answers magazine. In fact, we would love to see Answers get into every library in the country. There is a way to accomplish this—with your help. Will you consider giving a gift subscription to the school or library of your choice? Just contact AiG Customer Service at 1-800-778-3390.

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