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Dale Mason

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Dale Mason

Greetings from the top-secret data analysis vault at Answers magazine! I’m thrilled to announce an improvement that I had begun to think might never become possible. But first, bear with me for a little background . . .

Nearly every year since the first issue was printed in 2006, we have surveyed thousands of subscribers to help us improve future issues. I firmly believe that God uses every new volume to mold lives and change hearts. And I’ve learned during these years how important every survey answer can be. God uses you, our subscribers, to shape this publication. So when your responses add up to a clear call for change, we do our best to honor your wishes quickly.

Now, I have to admit that for a decade the most requested change has seemed unattainable. No matter how we asked the question, we got the same request: MORE! Not just more of a certain kind of article, or more pages, but more issues. More frequent delivery to your home to equip and inform you and your family with more timely responses to important topics.

At the same time, you told us that the individual issues were getting too thick—too much information all at once. So for years, we’ve wanted to give you more great articles, but spread out over more issues so they are easier to absorb before the next one comes along.

With the recent grand opening of the Ark Encounter, and the substantial increase in guests to the Creation Museum, we are at last able to expand to meet your most consistent, #1 request. Beginning now, subscribers will receive six issues of the award-winning Answers magazine per year!

You’ll notice that each magazine is slightly slimmer, so perhaps you can take a little more time to digest each meaty article. But with six issues, you’re still getting more rich content—over a hundred more pages of faith-building articles each year.

We thank you, our subscriber, and the carefully selected advertisers who are helping make this announcement possible.

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Ken Ham’s column this month is truly a must-read. His insights and ideas for solutions to the growing epidemic of biblical illiteracy will inspire and encourage you—but that may be after they alarm you! See page 12.

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January–February 2017

Secular scientists claim it’s easy to disprove the Bible’s 6,000-year history: just count the tree rings. But this dating method is not as reliable as you might think.

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