What This Web Site Needs...

on November 5, 2001

I decided to start researching my facts so I could once and for all, quiet those around me who supported literal creation. That’s when my house of cards fell.

'You know what this site needs? It needs a section on statements made by professing creationists that are not true. The purpose would be to make sure that we don't proffer false statements in ignorance.

'For example, the "moon dust" argument or the "Darwin recanted evolution on his deathbed" argument. Both are false, and it gives creationism a bad name when people use them.

'You have indeed dealt with these (both, and many others) in the past. However, there is no central location which people can go to to uncover canards like those and then cease using them.

'Maybe a good title to the page would be "Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use" or something like that.

'Keep up the good work.

'P.S. The reason I brought it up is that I just saw the "Darwin's deathbed recantation" argument show up on CNN's community pages (again)'

–Jim Gersetich

Editors note: We agree. Thanks for the good idea, Jim. Please visit our new Answers page: Arguments we think creationists should NOT use.

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