Thanksgiving Story!


This week's positive feedback is from R.B. of Ohio, USA.

This week's positive feedback is from R.B. of Ohio, USA.

Hi -

I would like to share a Thanksgiving story ...

I was introduced to creationism in April 2000, when I heard a live Ken Ham seminar on the radio. Since then, I have done a lot of reading on the subject, mostly of books purchased from your ministry. I have come to accept Christ as my savior, thanks in large part to God's work through Answers in Genesis.

This Thanksgiving, I went to visit my father (age 70), whom I get to see only twice a year. The last time I visited him, I had not yet heard of AiG, so I was excited to share what I had learned.

My father is a Christian, but I didn't know how he felt about evolution, so I took the opportunity to discuss it. What a thrill to learn that my father believes in a literal Genesis!! He even began to "test" me on my knowledge of the topic (I passed!). And then it was my turn to "test" him. It was one of the best conversations we've ever had.

I asked my father where he learned about creationism, and his response was "Anybody could figure it out if he would just sit down and read Genesis ... It's obvious if you keep your own opinions out of it!" My father (who became a Christian at age 40) had come to the right conclusion without any books, without any AiG seminars ... with nothing but the Bible. He was able to do this because he trusted the Word of God over the opinions of men. (When he went to school, he didn't receive the same evolutionary indoctrination that I did.)

My story, of course, is much different: I wasn't able to see the truth because of all the evolutionary / atheistic junk I had absorbed over the years, all of which had prevented me from even believing in God until last year. Thanks to the AiG ministry, I was able to connect with my father in a way I have never done before. Praise God for all that you folks do!

-- R.B.

P.S. As I was packing for my trip, I just "happened" to toss Ken Ham's video "Creation and the Christian Faith" into my suitcase. We watched it together and my father proclaimed it to be "very good." He even asked me to bring him some of your other books and videos!


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