Putting on “Biblical Glasses”

on October 31, 2003
Featured in Feedback

“Thank you for setting me straight and urging me to see things through ‘Biblical glasses’. ”

I was introduced to your ministry about a year ago by a loving friend. I had been discussing with her and her husband about a fascinating tape I had been listening to by Hugh Ross. They handed me several copies of Creation magazine as well as some AiG videos. I spent an entire evening pouring over the material. I quickly came to realize how years of being indoctrinated into the humanistic teachings of the public school system had caused me to compromise the message of the Bible, simply telling myself there must be some explanation and blindly accepting the lie that six days really meant millions of years. Thank you for setting me straight and urging me to see things through “Biblical glasses”.

I was so excited about your ministry that I ordered your library package. It has been a great resource for our homeschool (I pulled my boys out of public school last year and began homeschooling them) and has been a huge blessing. In fact, as a result of your teaching, I was recently equipped to witness to and answer what previously would have been difficult questions posed by my Jewish friend whom I have been praying for.

Anyway, thank you for all that you do. May God bless all of you at AiG. May He bless all of your efforts to get the Truth out there. I can't wait to make a visit to the Creation Museum when it is complete. May it glorify and honor our awesome Creator!

With Sincere Gratitude,

J. M., USA


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