Noah’s Ark: Fairy Tale and Anti-Science?

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We received a sarcastic request for a speaker from someone claiming to be a church deacon. He left a bogus phone number, bogus name, and the name of a church that doesn’t exist.

A seared conscience like this is nothing new (1 Timothy 4:1–2). But Christians need to be aware that some people are willing to openly lie in their efforts to attack God and His Word.

Remember that people who do not follow God have no reverence for God’s commands like the ninth of the 10 Commandments—which says not to lie (Exodus 20:16; see also 1 John 2:21). We need to expect this will happen more and more as people’s minds are darkened and given over to evil (e.g., Romans 1:20–32; 2 Corinthians 4:3–4; Titus 1:15).

Dear Sir,

We would like to re-educate our science-minded parishioners into the bible truth.

Why do you think that one cannot be science-minded while holding to Bible truth? That is a bifurcation fallacy. Dr. Georgia Purdom and Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson (PhD geneticists), Dr. Andrew Snelling (PhD geologist), Dr. Danny Faulkner (PhD astronomer), and others who are on staff at Answers in Genesis have no problem standing on both Bible truth and science.

Perhaps you mean something different when you say “science-minded.” Can you clarify?1

We don’t want them to listen to the lies they learned in higher education. . . .

Such as? Such unsubstantiated allegations are unwarranted.2

We want them to trust in the Lord and go back to child-like belief where the things we teach them, become the total truth.

Perhaps you should encourage your parishioners to trust Christ, who is the very standard of truth, and His Word, which is also the truth. False faiths, like belief in secular humanism, are failed and illogical religions.

2) We would like a full explanation for our parishioners how two of each of 48,547 species could possibly fit in an arc of finite size . . . including the addition of food and bedding material. . .

Why species? This is an equivocation fallacy. The Bible says “kinds,” which includes a variety of modern-day defined species. Where did you get such a ridiculous number anyway?

Even maximum figures of animals at a genus level (even though kinds are much closer to a family level) fit, with food, cages, and fresh water on the Ark (even if it were built to the measurements based on the smaller cubit) easily, as this technical treatise, Noah’s Ark: a Feasibility Study, already explained decades ago.

Even a remedial trip to the world-class Ark Encounter reveals how easily the required animals can fit aboard the Ark. See also the discussion in the book A Flood of Evidence.

and how God stopped those predator/prey from feasting on each other.

First, all animals were originally vegetarian (Genesis 1:30), so having vegetarian animals aboard the Ark (even vegetarian cats3) is likely the case.4 But even so, the Bible says, had one looked it up, that animals were separated into rooms/cages (Genesis 6:14), which stops any potential carnivory on the Ark.

God does miracles!!! Thanks! Can’t wait to see the conjecture in your new fairy tale.

God works miracles, but it is unnecessary to appeal to such a thing during the Flood. Based on the information revealed to us by God in Genesis (e.g., dimensions and required cargo), the Ark was feasible without a miracle.

I do like the phrase “new fairy tale,” but it is misplaced here. The Flood of Noah’s day and the events pertaining to the Ark are not new. They are not a fairy tale either; but it is true history that occurred about 4,350 years ago and was recorded for us in the Bible by men inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Interestingly this Darwinian belief that all living things evolved from a single-celled common ancestor that came from non-living chemicals is a new idea. No one has ever observed or repeated this, which means it isn’t based on observable, repeatable science (which is often claimed by the secular side). So which is the new fairy tale?

I want to invite you to see through the religion of evolution and see Christ for what He has done. I encourage you to read this article explaining the good news of Jesus Christ.


  1. I suspect this person means some sort of secular viewpoint such as evolution, millions of years, and big bang that they falsely equate as science. These elements are part of the made-up storyline of the secular religion of humanism. Do we oppose that false religion? Well yes, of course we do.
  2. Take note that (even though they mockingly state the opposite) they presume truth is determined by higher education, which is a misplaced form of irrelevance fallacy. Truth is independent of what is taught in higher education. Even so, not everyone in higher education supports the religion of secular humanism.
  3. There are several modern cases where cats refused to eat meat. See “Unexpectedly Vegetarian Animals—What does It Mean?,” Answers in Genesis, June 2, 2009,
  4. Two lions have been known to be vegetarian. Perhaps the most famous is Little Tyke, who died many years ago. The large cat was raised on a farm but refused to eat meat throughout the duration of her life. Her vegetarian diet showed that cats, though carnivorous in the wild, can easily be sustained on diets that are vegetarian.


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