Answers in Genesis Joins Operation London for Charles III’s Coronation

Evolutionists Accuse AiG of Printing Counterfeit British Currency for the Event

on December 19, 2022

Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.

The coronation of King Charles III next May in London is giving the apologetics group of Answers in Genesis an exceptional opportunity to interact with large numbers of people gathering from around the world to celebrate. AiG and its sister office in the U.K. will be joining the Living Waters ministry for Operation London and see the mass distribution of millions of gospel tracts. In the first two days of Operation London’s announcement, 1,000 Christians went to the site to sign up to go to London in May.

Operation London Gospel Tract

It has been more than seventy years since a British monarch has been crowned, and King Charles III’s coronation will be a spectacle viewed by millions. For many of those gathering in London, they will receive an exclusive gospel tract not only to have as a popular keepsake but to read of another King who has a message the world needs to hear during these challenging times.

As this London outreach was being announced, a well-known evolutionist website accused AiG and Living Waters of printing counterfeit money to hand out during coronation week. The site of Panda’s Thumb said that Ken Ham, CEO of AiG, and "his fellow creationist grifters plan to disrupt King Charles’s coronation by handing out religious tracts disguised as money.”

The site added: “They are raising money to print and distribute three million counterfeit 1 Million Pound notes that will display fundamentalist/creationist tracts on the reverse side. They are shamelessly raising money to do this. I wonder if the British Secret Service will also be amused.”

AiG is partnering with Living Waters to produce the so-called “counterfeit” money. Operation London is the brainchild of Living Waters Founder/CEO, Ray Comfort, who observed: “There is one similarity with the bills: there’s a face on both! But that’s where it ends. Ours doesn’t say the Bank of England. It says Bank of Eternity. Nor did we use the word ‘pound.’ It also says: “THIS IS NOT LEGAL TENDER,” and has a 183-word gospel message on the back.”

Ham noted, “When you think about it, this coronation is an atheist’s nightmare. Charles will lay his hand on the Bible and vow to uphold its truths. Among other things, he will be given three swords. One is blunt and two are sharp. The blunt one is symbolic of the mercy of God."

Ham continued: "Charles will carry an ‘orb.’ This is a ball with a cross on the top, symbolic of the reign of Jesus Christ over the whole of the earth--and that includes reigning over atheists. Billions of people are going to see and hear these things. And we will be there to help them understand the symbolism and tell them the good news that in the Old Testament, God promised to destroy death and in the New Testament we are told how He did it.”

Comfort added, “We are also giving away, free of charge, 100,000 copies of a 100-plus page book, called ‘Defender of the Faith.’ The publication explains the amazing symbolism behind the coronation.” Volunteers with Answers in Genesis-UK in Leicester, led by Simon Turpin, will assist in the literature distribution.

Defender of the Faith book cover

“A coronation makes an evening at the Oscars blasé by comparison," Comfort stated. “It’s a smorgasbord of glorious sights and sounds, of ecstatic crowds, a golden coach, a crown that is filled with some of the world’s most precious diamonds, an old throne, a pearl-encrusted scepter, and an array of gorgeous apparel. It will be attended by presidents and celebrities who will take in all the splendid color and soul-stirring trumpet sounds. It is truly a spectacular once-in-lifetime experience. This is all symbolic of the coming of another King.”

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