Careers at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum

Top Work Places 2012

Career Opportunities — USA

  • Public Safety Officer (Full Time)
  • Social Media Associate (Full Time)
  • Product Distribution Specialist (Full Time)
  • IT Solutions Developer III (Full Time)
  • IT Solutions Developer I (Full Time)
  • Credit Manager (Full Time)
  • Volunteering and Internships

    We are accepting volunteers at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum.

    If you are interested in an internship at Answers in Genesis or the Creation Museum, please fill out the intern application.

    Other Employment

    Ark Encounter

    Note: The Ark Encounter LLC is the for-profit group that will be responsible for hiring staff for the Ark project. Available positions will be made public at a future time and will be posted on the Ark Encounter website.

    Zip Line Tour Guide (Not AiG or Creation Museum)

    Looking for an exciting full- or part-time job?

    Like working outdoors?

    Enjoy working with people?

    Not afraid of heights?

    18 years old or older?

    The new Zip Line and Canopy Adventure Course at the Creation Museum is looking for people to be trained as adventure tour guides. Immediate openings available. Must be able to work weekends.

    Interested? Send an email to Donna at Historic Banning Mills for an application; do not contact the Creation Museum.


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