Careers at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum


Top Work Places 2015

Career Opportunities — USA

  • Systems Administrator (Full Time - Exempt/Salary)
  • Dispatcher/Security Console Operator (Full Time - Hourly)
  • Human Resources Generalist (Full Time - Exempt/Salary)
  • Client Hardware & Software Technician (Full Time)
  • Public Safety Officer (Full Time)
  • Lead Technical Designer (Full Time - Temporary - Exempt/Salary)
  • Senior Network Engineer (Full Time - Exempt/Salary)
  • Grounds Research & Development Tech (Full Time - Hourly)
  • New Construction Fabricator (Full Time - Temporary - Exempt/Salary)
  • Grounds Maintenance Technician (Full Time - Hourly)
  • Production Fabricator (Full Time - Temporary - Exempt/Salary)
  • Retail Merchandiser (Full Time - Exempt/Salary)
  • Dispatch Supervisor (Full Time - Exempt/Salary)
  • Floor Supervisor (Full Time - Exempt/Salary)
  • Public Safety Officer - K9 Handler (Full Time - Hourly)
  • Groundskeeper I (Full Time - Hourly)
  • A/V Technician (Full Time - Exempt/Salary)
  • Full Stack Developer (Full Time - Exempt/Salary)
  • Creation Museum Jobs

    The Creation Museum regularly hires museum hosts for seasonal positions, and we are currently welcoming new applications. Learn more about seasonal positions and other job opportunities at the Creation Museum.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We are accepting volunteers at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Click on the links to learn more and to complete a volunteer application.

    Internship Opportunities

    Answers in Genesis is offering unpaid internship opportunities to students in or just completing their junior or senior year in college. The two fields identified are “Assistant Video Editor/Animator” and “Graphic Design.” If you are interested in an internship at Answers in Genesis, please fill out the intern application.

    Other Employment

    Ark Encounter

    Note: The Ark Encounter LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our nonprofit group (Crosswater/AiG) that will be responsible for hiring staff for the Ark project. Available positions will be made public at a future time and will be posted on the Ark Encounter website.


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