Seasonal Housing

We offer temporary housing accommodations on a first-come basis for adult staff members (ages 18+) who meet specific qualifications. These accommodations are only available to Ark Encounter* or Creation Museum** seasonal and temporary staff who are either college students (especially Embark interns) joining as short-term seasonals or temporary/seasonal staff moving from a great distance to join us here at the ministry.

Here is some helpful information to get you started as you consider living in ministry housing!

  • Housing is dormitory style (shared rooms, bunk beds, community living & dining areas, etc.).
  • Security deposit and rent are charged through payroll deduction.
  • Standard furniture and appliances are provided.
  • Typical lease is for three months.
  • Staff must be at least 18 years old to qualify for ministry housing.
  • Residents must sign a housing covenant outlining the guidelines and community expectations for living in ministry housing (see PDF for more information).
  • Seasonal housing
  • Seasonal housing
  • Seasonal housing
  • Seasonal housing
  • Seasonal housing

The goal of housing is to provide a community-oriented, engaging environment. Programs, Bible studies, personal and spiritual development, and activities will be huge parts of the housing life! All residents are encouraged to participate in these activities.

Housing Covenants

Do you have questions about seasonal housing, or would you like more information? Please fill out this Seasonal Housing Inquiries form and a member of our Resident Life Team will contact you.

*Ark Encounter housing at The Landing is available for up to 30 females and 28 males.

**Creation Museum housing is available for female temporary/seasonal staff only.


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