Answers VBS Testimonials

We asked for feedback from Answers VBS directors. Here are some of the encouraging testimonies we received.


Answers goes beyond your stereotypical VBS Bible stories and goes deeper in the Word in a relatable way that kids and adults can apply to their lives

– Amber I.

We had a child tell their mom, they can’t wait for Bible school at Nana’s church because everything there points them to Jesus. That’s what I love about AIG VBS, every aspect is intentional in pointing the children to Christ. Not to mention the excellent apologetics taught!

– Amber P.

Consistent Biblical truth year after year. Gives kids a firm foundation starting with Genesis 1:1. Lessons are presented to reach both the regular ‘church kids’ as well as the community kids who may have no Biblical background.

– Annette L.

Apologetics! Kids get the truth with no fairy tale fluff that the Satan can use by the way of the secular world to draw them away from God. That hopefully the apologetic will start a solid foundation with no fairy tale fluff bubbles that could cause a foundation to crumble.

– Amy M.

Once you go AIG, you’ll be hard pressed to do anything else. The content is that deep and so well presented. The apologetics and deep biblical truth pointing to Christ. The theology is so sound that even the adults are hanging on to every word taught because so many have never had such excellent apologetical training.

– Elizabeth H.

AiG has an emphasis on solid Bible teaching. It includes engaging material for children who are church regulars but also presents in such a way that those who may have never heard about Jesus and his love for them can relate and understand. That is why we switched to them several years ago.

– Laurie P.

Solid Biblical teaching, not “fluff and stuff.” The kids love it and remember what they learned months later.

– Linda S.

It takes the kids deeper into God’s Word. Other companies teach the Bible but their emphasis is the fun and games, but answers in genesis emphasizes the Bible.

– Rebekah W.

Answers has all the bells and whistles you could ever want!!!

– Michelle L.

Scripture tells us to always “be ready with an answer.” AiG VBS prepares our children to do just that!

– Lindsay F.

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