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We can recommend a variety of helpful AiG curricula options to complement Answers Bible Curriculum. See the order form for details.

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ABC 1st Edition

If you are looking for online resources, media supplements, or supplies for the original 3-year Answers Bible Curriculum, please visit the 1st edition area.

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Children’s Ministry Videos

Children's ministry is a major part of any Sunday school program. Please watch and share these insightful and practical videos from our Children’s Ministry Conference to help equip the next generation to believe and defend God’s Word.

“Rescuing Our Kids from the Lie”
by Ken Ham

“The Vision that Drives Us”
by Cindy Mallot

“Facebook Debates, Re-Tweets and My Opinion”
by Dr. Georgia Purdom

“A Look at the Book”
by Ruth Carter

“Biblical History and a Radical Idea”
by Bryan Osborne

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