Scripture Memory Songs


To help kids memorize God's Word, we are excited to offer high-quality Scripture memory songs for all Sunday school memory verses in Answers Bible Curriculum.

New in ABC 2nd Edition!

Each 10-lesson unit for Grades 2 through Middle School includes a digital download of 2 original memory verse songs. The ESV curriculum comes with contemporary music while the KJV comes with traditional music.

Traditional Songs (KJV)

Preview samples of the traditional Scripture memory verse songs for Year 1 of ABC.


Contemporary Songs (ESV)

Each contemporary Scripture memory song for Grades 2 through Middle School also includes lyric videos, split-screen hand-motion/lyric videos). Music for PreK–1st also includes memory verse and themed songs.

Preview samples of the contemporary Scripture memory verse songs and videos for Year 1 of ABC.



Song Sheet

Forever Faithful

Now We Know the Old Testament Song

Memorize all the Old Testament books in order with this upbeat new song from Seeds Family Worship. Great for Sunday school classes!

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