What’s New in ABC 2nd Edition?


Answers Bible Curriculum has been expanded and updated! We’ve made lots of changes in response to feedback we received from teachers and students. We’re excited to unveil the new ABC 2nd Edition! Below are some of the great new features you’ll find.

Expanded and Simplified

primary take home sheet
  • Students will take a chronological tour through the Bible in four years instead of three. We’ve added more engaging lessons in both the Old and New Testaments. The entire curriculum is now 200 lessons!
  • Instead of following the outdated quarter system, we now number our lessons from 1 to 200, so you can easily start or pause anytime without missing anything. And it makes it easier to use for non-Sunday school settings.
  • The lessons are packaged in 20 Units of 10 for flexible scheduling, with the tenth lesson being a review.
  • ABC now features six age groups: Pre-K–1, Grades 2–3, Grades 4–5, Middle School, High School, and Adult.
  • ABC 2nd Edition is available in both the English Standard Version and the familiar King James Version of the Bible. The ESV is an essentially literal translation of the Scriptures that is easier for children to understand.
  • Based on customer feedback, we’ve simplified the younger-grade lessons to make them more age-appropriate without compromising the depth of teaching that ABC has become known for.

More Resources to Help You Teach!

primary take home sheet
  • We’ve added optional games, activities, and crafts in nearly every lesson!
  • A coloring sheet is provided for every lesson in Pre-K–1 and Grades 2 to 5.
  • Pre-K–1 and Grades 2–3 students will enjoy the new Justin & Jessie series. Each week these illustrated stories will help students understand how they can apply the lesson to their own lives.
  • PowerPoint presentations with the Scriptures, Lesson Theme Posters, Class Notes, and illustrations are included in each lesson for Grade 2 to Adult.
  • Many lessons are enhanced with an optional, age-appropriate video clip from Answers in Genesis resources.
  • All printable resources are now conveniently available as PDF downloads.

Memory Verse Songs

  • We’ve teamed up with Seeds Family Worship to produce two original memory verse songs for each unit! Every Teacher Kit (Grades 2 to Middle School) includes digital downloads of an MP3, lyrics video, and a split-screen hand-motions/lyrics video. CDs of the songs are available for purchase to give to students and families.
  • Grades Pre-K–1 will learn new memory verse songs and lesson songs with original music written for their age level.
  • Memory verse songs are available with both contemporary and traditional music styles.

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Comparison Chart

ABC 1st Edition (Original) New ABC 2nd Edition
Chronological and apologetics-focused Chronological and apologetics-focused
Through the Bible in 3 years (156 lessons) Through the Bible in 4 years (200 lessons)
Based on the New King James Version Based on the English Standard Version or the King James Version
Organized into 12 Quarters (3 years, 4 qtrs/year) Organized into 20 Units of 10 lessons each
Printable PDFs available on CD-ROM Printable PDFs available as downloads (USB flash drive available for separate purchase)
2-sided 11x17 folded take home sheets (Pre-K–Grade 5) 2-sided 8.5x11 take home sheets (Pre-K–Grade 5)
Pre-K songs to familiar nursery rhymes; only lyrics provided Pre-K songs to original tunes; we provide both lyrics and MP3 files
No music provided for Grades 2 and up Memory Verse songs (two/unit) for Grades 2 to MS—MP3, MP4 video, & sheet music
Seven age levels Six age levels
More activities, crafts, videos, and games
Justin & Jessie story for every Pre-K lesson

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