The First Five Years: A Brief Report

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by Dale Mason on July 1, 2011
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Dale Mason

Dale Mason, Publisher

Were you surprised to see an issue of Answers twice as thick as normal? It’s a very special double-issue! Along with the usual lineup of new articles and specialty departments that appear in every regular issue, we’ve added nearly 100 extra pages that feature many of the best articles from our first five years of publication.

When we launched Answers magazine in 2006, we started with about 33,000 subscribers. There are now over 75,000, and growing! That’s amazing, because most magazines have fewer subscribers today than they did five years ago. Here are a few other highlights from the first five years:

  • Four years ago, we launched, a direct offshoot of our unique Kids Answers pullout section. It is free, and kids love it!
  • Three years ago, we began recording select articles from each issue, which are a vailable for subscribers to listen to or download at
  • Less than two years ago, we started also offering Answers as a digital edition. Thousands already subscribe to that version!

In addition, the magazine has received sixteen separate awards for writing and design from the Evangelical Press Association (EPA), including first place this year in their highest award—the Award of Excellence. The world is watching, and we thank God for His blessing.

I think you will find this issue with its emphasis on “The Best of the First 5 Years!” truly valuable. The process of choosing what is included was not easy. Our expert staff scientists, as well as outside researchers and journalists, wrote too many excellent articles to include them all. In the end, we tried our best to highlight a sampling of different strategic topics, the variety of illustration styles, a mix of the most popular semi-technical and layman articles, and some of the articles that received EPA awards of excellence.

We thank God for growing this magazine and for using it to encourage the faith of so many of you. And we thank you for subscribing! Who knows what the Creator has in store for the next five years!

All for Him,

Dale T. Mason, Publisher

P.S. I want to say a very special “thank you” to all of our advertisers who made it possible for us to provide the extra pages for this issue. These organizations truly are “partners” with us as we strive to provide you with the most relevant creation-worldview publication possible!

“Ever since we started Answers magazine, we’ve tried to equip readers on a wide variety of topics, including evangelism, education, and history, as well as science and apologetics. I hope you find this double issue an extra-special blessing and help, as you strive to honor the Creator and Savior with your whole heart and soul. That’s our heartbeat, and we trust that it is yours as well.”

Ken Ham, President/CEO,
Answers in Genesis–USA

Answers Magazine

July – September 2011

Answers magazine is now in its sixth year of publication. To celebrate, we’ve produced a special double-length issue that features “the best of the first five years.” In addition to our regular departments and many new articles, we show all our timeless favorites (making this a truly collectible edition!). This special commemorative issue also makes a great gift item, which you can share with others who need to be challenged, encouraged, and equipped with some of “the best” in modern biblical creationism!

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