Kids 4 Truth

on January 1, 2008
Featured in Answers Magazine

A recent survey by America’s Research Group1 found that significant numbers of children start doubting the Bible as early as the fourth grade. Many children’s programs entertain and teach Bible stories, but they fail to teach sound doctrine and connect the Bible with the real world. One ministry that wants to change this is Kids 4 Truth.

As described on their website, Kids 4 Truth exists to inspire and equip ministry-minded individuals to reach boys and girls worldwide. They do this through God-focused truth, taught creatively and memorably.

Founder and president Bob Roberts states, “Our greatest desire is to put solid doctrine back into children’s ministries everywhere. Our message to Christians is that we need to do far better than we are currently doing to ground boys and girls in essential Christian truth.”

Kids 4 Truth offers curriculum designed to ground children in essential doctrines (including six-day creation), using a question-and-answer style. The program covers four age levels: discoverers (3 to 5 years old), developers (1st and 2nd grade), detectives (3rd and 4th grade), and defenders (5th and 6th grade).

Like Awana and other children’s programs, Kids 4 Truth rewards children with badges and patches as they learn verses and key truths about twelve doctrinal themes, from God’s creation to God’s plans for the future

The curriculum is designed for many settings: church-based clubs, Sunday school, junior church, homeschool, Christian school, family devotions, and neighborhood Bible clubs. But the big value of this program is its ability to help children develop a systematic framework for understanding God’s Word.

We are pleased to recommend Kids 4 Truth as a Bible-upholding ministry. You can get further details at their website: Along with their special music and other multimedia “dynamations,” make sure to check out their lavish animations Creation and Watchmaker!

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  1. Beemer, Britt, Why They Abandon the Church, America’s Research Group, Charleston, South Carolina, 2006.


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