Hunting Trophies of Grace


An avid outdoorsman, Gerry Caillouet felt a burning desire to reach the lost he saw all around him. These precious souls loved the outdoors and would gladly join a hunt, but they would never enter a church.

He conceived a novel idea during a hunting event sponsored by Christian Bowhunters of America. Why not start a radio program that challenges Christian outdoorsmen to exalt the Creator and share His good news with others?

Gerry Caillouet

Photo courtesy Gerry Caillouet

Hunting “trophies of grace”—and encouraging others to do the same—became Gerry’s constant theme, and in 1996, with no special talent “but the gift of gab,” he launched the first installment of the God’s Great Outdoors radio program.

Gerry’s special emphasis on the Creator grew out of his concern about his first child’s spiritual well-being. He placed his faith in Jesus Christ as a result of this concern, but he didn’t give much thought to six-day creation until his three-year-old asked about dinosaurs and the Bible. The book The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible, in particular, answered his questions and opened his eyes to the importance of this topic.

Gerry finds that people will talk more openly when they are one-on-one with a believer outdoors. One of the easiest conversation starters is to ask about a person’s views on creation. He then finds it easy to share his own views. In the quiet of the woods, you’d be surprised the things you’ll hear.

Gerry Caillouet, radio host of God’s Great Outdoors, says hunters will talk openly in the quiet of the woods. One of the easiest conversation starters is creation itself.

Gerry has also discovered that one of the most effective ways to witness is to hand out gospel literature. “Every other time you hand out a tract, you help bring someone to Christ,” he says. This helps inspire him. Nearly everywhere he goes he hands out material.

People are interested in the tracts, but they are often afraid to show their interest in front of their buddies. But they will accept a camouflaged Bible. This is one of the most effective tactics to overcome peer pressure among outdoorsmen.

“Relationships are a key factor” in ministry, Gerry asserts, and too few Christians focus on building relationships outside of the church. No matter what our favorite activity is, Gerry passionately believes, we need to befriend the lost and share the truth about the Creator who became our Savior.

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