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Creous Ramdath may come from a country of two small Caribbean islands (Trinidad and Tobago), but God has given him a passion to share the truths of creation to all of Latin America.

Creous, who grew up with Hindu and Muslim grandparents, first heard about the biblical account of creation in 2001 when his church hosted creation speakers. Because he and his wife, Elizabeth, volunteered to drive the speakers to their other engagements, they had plenty of time to ask questions and to listen to their presentations.

Through this experience, Creous and Elizabeth were amazed to discover that science doesn’t contradict the Bible. That knowledge strengthened their faith in God and His Word. The Lord then spoke to their hearts about taking this important message to Elizabeth’s home country of Peru and Latin America, where evolutionary ideas have greatly influenced the people, the education system, and the church.

Two years later, Creous and Elizabeth became full-time missionaries in creation evangelism and discipleship, being sent by their home churches and partnering with Canopy Ministries.

Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath

The creation message is spreading throughout South America. Headquartered in Lima, Peru, missionaries Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath are busily speaking in churches, schools, and camps across the continent, and people are eager to hear.

Through their ministry, the Ramdaths present the truths of creation in seminars and workshops at churches, colleges, and schools, and have even hosted creation camps with children and youth. Last summer, when they presented facts about dinosaurs and the Bible at one of the biggest churches in Cuzco (the former capital of the Incan Empire), over 200 people confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior during the weekend of four services.

When creation scientists visit Peru, Creous and Elizabeth coordinate creation seminars at churches and visit local universities. In 2005, they conducted their first Creation Latin Congress, and just this past November, they hosted their second such conference in Peru’s metropolitan capital, Lima.

Another aspect of their ministry involves distributing creation resources through events and their website, the first creation website in Peru. Future plans include further teaching and evangelizing Latin America with the creation message, raising a team of Latin creationists to work alongside them, developing a creation course online in Spanish, building a fossil museum, and offering creation tours in Peru, including Colca Canyon and Machu Picchu.

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Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath, Peru

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