“This gospel ... will be preached in all the world ...”

by Ken Ham on August 13, 2007

In many ways, reporting by the secular and Christian media (from around the world) has certainly greatly contributed to seeing the gospel “preached in all the world.”

“... as a witness to all the nations” (Matthew 24:14)

The remarkable international media buzz surrounding the opening of the Creation Museum on May 28 reminded me of the verse above from Matthew 24. In many ways, reporting by the secular and Christian media (from around the world) has certainly greatly contributed to seeing the gospel “preached in all the world.”

And the Creation Museum has certainly been something of a “witness to all the nations.”

Secular newspaper, television, radio, and magazine reporters arrived here (and are still arriving) from all over the globe. I’m particularly pleased to report that museum articles have been appearing in the secular media all across a very pagan Europe.

Two things really stood out to me about the secular media blitz we just observed:

  • Every reporter who came to the Creation Museum heard the authority of God’s Word upheld, Christianity defended, and the gospel proclaimed. Many of us, in representing AiG and the Creation Museum to the press, answered their questions and often walked through the museum with them.

    In fact, I found that some reporters became so involved in the museum experience, they even began asking me questions that they personally wanted answered for themselves.

  • Second, as the Creation Museum opening and continued success is reported around the world, many of the stories include details of what is taught at the museum and what Answers in Genesis believes about the Bible.

    These reports often include details about a perfect world marred by sin with death< as a consequence (Genesis 3), the Flood of Noah’s day, the dispersion at the Tower of Babel, and the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection!

Yes, the secular press has been teaching the Bible and the gospel message to millions around the world!

Whether it is the European press or the American media, reporters generally report on what is taught at the Creation Museum in a fair way (though often mocked).

Here are just two statements from the American media:

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education: “AiG’s museum will proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and will show that there is a Creator, and that this Creator is Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:15-20), who is our Savior.”
  • The New York Times: “The heart of the museum is a series of catastrophes. The main one is the fall, with Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge; after that tableau the viewer descends from the brightness of Eden into genuinely creepy cement hallways of urban slums. Photographs show the pain of war, childbirth, death—the wages of primal sin.

    “Then come the biblical accounts of the fallen world, leading up to Noah’s ark and the flood, the source of all significant geological phenomena.”

When the media have asked me to sum up what the ultimate aim of the Creation Museum is, I say something like: “To uphold the authority of God’s Word beginning in Genesis, to show people clearly that the Bible’s history is true, and thus its message of the gospel—based in that history—is true.”

Indeed, at its very heart, the Creation Museum is an evangelistic center. So, please bring your unsaved family and friends to this exciting place.


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