Answers in Intolerance . . .


That was the title of a commentary submitted to the Cincinnati Enquirer (AiG–US’s hometown newspaper) that was in support of AiG and its proposed Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. It was written by AiG supporter Mary Zeller, who was first introduced to Answers in Genesis after her Cincinnati-area church showed a series of videos by Ken Ham, executive director Answers in Genesis.

She is graciously allowing us to reprint portions of the column, which appeared on July 22 in both the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Kentucky Enquirer. Mrs. Zeller is a former high school math teacher, and is currently completing her master’s degree at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

Answers in Intolerance

by Mary Zeller

The recent acquisition of property by Ken Ham’s organization, Answers in Genesis, ends a 4-year struggle over the purchased ground on which to build their proposed creation museum [near Cincinnati, Ohio]—a museum dedicated to the creationist viewpoint of the beginning of life.

The battle over zoning . . . played out in the local news. But was this quarrel simply about the placement of a new building or did the building’s Bible-based purpose create the drama?

It was about a private organization’s desire to erect an open-to-the-public museum based upon godly beliefs. That should not raise the hair on anyone’s neck. Nonbelievers do not have to attend, though to do so would encourage their understanding. And yet, what should have been a simple real estate [issue] turned into a public fracas.

In today’s society in which tolerance is the edict of the day, why is that those who are screaming for it are not themselves tolerant of others? This can be mainly seen in attitudes towards those who publicly espouse God’s Word. Biblical beliefs are labeled as intolerant, unconstitutional, and hate speech. Biblical organizations . . . are verbally and maliciously attacked.

By definition, tolerance includes recognition of, and consideration of, variations from one’s norms. It does not imply agreement, nor does disagreement imply intolerance. Those with biblical beliefs may not agree with the standards set by today’s “who’s who,” and they must be allowed to voice their opinions as loudly and as often as those groups who are among the “culturally elite.”

I applaud Ken Ham for his continued persistence to exhibit his beliefs. Let those who are intolerant of those who follow the teaching of the Bible explore what they do not understand. One way to facilitate this exploration is by planning a visit to the future Answers in Genesis Creation Museum.


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